Excel Invoice Template
Create Beautiful Excel Invoices In Just A Few Clicks…
Excel Invoice Template Features:
8 Professional Invoice Templates In 10 Different Colors.
Complete Invoice History Saved and Quickly Accessible.
Fully Customizable To Your Needs: Logo, Fonts, Colors etc.
Suitable For Invoicing Both Products And Services.

Why Are So Many Business Owners Using
Excel Invoice Template?
You don’t need expensive software to create and record your sales invoices.
In stead of installing and studying new software, using a well designed Excel template is much more effective.
And Microsoft Excel is standard available on most business computers (PC or Mac).

8 designs in 10 colors

Select any of the 8 designs to create your invoice in 10 different colors.

Works on Mac & PC

The invoice template works both on Mac and PC with Microsoft Excel.

One-off payment

Pay once for the Excel invoice template. No subscriptions.

Concise reports included

Simple and concise reports give immediate insight in your sales.
Using The Excel Invoice Template
These Invoices Were Created In Seconds…

Create Excel Invoices In 3 Simple Steps!
Discover how easy it is to create your invoices.
Create professional looking invoices in just 3 simple steps.
1. Enter client & product details once
Enter your organisation details in the system once. Then add your customers and products/services in the table, so you can quickly and easily select them when recording sales.

Simply add new products/services or clients later to any of the tables.

2. Record your sales
Record your sales by filling just 5 cells.
1. Invoice number
2. Invoice date
3. Client
4. Product/service
5. Quantity sold

Add a subject line to your pleasing.

3. Print and save your invoice as PDF
Last step is to select and print your invoice. Save the invoice as a PDF-file to send it to your client by email and get paid faster.

By the way, did you know that invoices with color get paid faster than black and white invoices?

That’s Cool… But What Else Can Excel Invoice Template Do?
The Excel Invoice Templates is the most professional and complete invoice system using Excel for Mac and PC.

Suitable for all years

The Excel Invoice Template can be used for all years. No subscriptions.

Full invoice history saved

All invoices are saved in the database. One-click lookup.

Macro free!

Only formulas were used. No macro’s. Saver for you.

Save as PDF

Save your invoice as a PDF, email the file to your client and get paid faster.
Excel Invoice Template is the most complete invoice system using Excel for Mac and PC.
Save a lot of money by simply creating your invoicing using anExcel Invoice Template. One time payment. No subscriptions. Simple editing. Complete freedom.
8 templates in 10 different colors
All designs are quickly accessible by the top menu bar. Even color names can be changed.
Fully customizable to your needs
Since you are working in Excel, you can change anything you like: fonts, colors, cell width, move cells etc. The Excel Invoice Template is protected without a password.
Automatic concise reports
Simple and easy to understand are automatically generated and updated each time you enter a sales transaction.
Complete invoice history
Because you record your sales in a separate table, all invoices are saved and easily reprinted or resend.

Bonus: 3 Free Letterhead Word-Templates
Save money on designing and printing expenses for your letterhead.
Simply use on of our Word-templates to create a beautiful looking letterhead.
You don’t have print your letters on expensive preprinted paper with your letterhead as a small business owner. It is a lot cheaper and faster to print your letters with your letterhead using a simple Word-template.

You get 3 letterhead designs in Word as a free bonus. Both writing paper and continuation paper are included!

Simply change your logo and company details in the header. You can add the page number in the footer as you please.

You will find full instructions in the Word-templates.

Try Excel Invoice Template for 7-Days Risk Free

We are so confident that you will absolutely love Excel Invoice Template that we offer a full 7-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…

Get the Excel Invoice Template Now for $27 Just $9.97
Secure Your Copy of Excel Invoice Template and Start Creating Professional Invoices…
One-Time Only Payment – Includes a Personal License
The Excel Invoice Template is exactly as promised. Strong improvement from the previous version.

Didier Steenbekephotographer / webdesigner

Very handy template for a beautiful and clear invoice. Minor modifications are also possible, which is a plus. Create an invoice in less than 2 minutes!!

Thierry Lerinckxcertified instructor

I am a very happy user of the Excel Invoice Template. You only have to input your customers and products once to select them from a dropdown menu when creating your invoice. Super useful! Very satisfied!

Karin Boelensaccountant

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I change the Look & Feel, such as colors, fonts, column width etc.?

Yes, you can change anything you want. The template is protected without a password. So, if you have some Excel skills you can make any modifications you want. Also, without unprotecting the template – saver if you don’t have Excel skills – most cell properties can be modified.

Do I have to buy a new template each year?

No, the Excel Invoice Template is suitable for all years. It is recommended to start with an empty new template each year for reporting purposes.

What if I don’t sell physical products?

The Excel Invoice Template can be used for both physical products as services. Simply select the type of invoice you want to create and the system will make the required changes.

How do I change the logo on the letterhead?

Changing the logo is easy. Simply right click on the image and select Change picture… Now choose an image from your harddrive.
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